Monday, July 30, 2007

Angry Ape Review Engine7 Gig

The last time I caught an Engine7 show he stunned using only a laptop and guitar. So when news filtered through that he had added a further five members to his band the possibilities seemed endless. Recently signed to Scottish collective Herb Recordings an air of anticipation preceded this Engine7 performance, similar to a home-coming gig, as the punters filed into the venue in their droves.

Kicking off with the gorgeous "Sunrise Catalonia", a song that bears all the hallmarks of a Sigur Ros classic, Engine7 positioned himself at the back of the stage, hunched over his laptop while unleashing shimmering guitar tones throughout. Adding a bassist, percussionist and two female vocalists has given tracks like these a certain live edge and there was a real organic element to what is essentially an electronic composition.

Attention to detail is key to the Engine7 sound on record and thankfully none of it was lost during this performance. "Me, But Prefect's" toy box melody is, simply put, beautiful. But performed live it takes on a new form, almost improvised, as Engine7 records and loops female vocals while adding delicious fragments of sound. It's part Radiohead, part shoegaze bliss.

Old favourite, "Stella We're Sorry" was given a welcome airing too and seemed much weightier augmented by bass and ferocious distorted guitar work. However, special mention must be given to the new untitled composition that recalled Prince's "Purple Rain" (seriously!). The most stunning aspect, though, was the dramatic differences between each song. It's a sound that is fresh, exciting and mesmerizing all at the same time.

The only disappointment was the fact that it had to end early, due to some time issues. There seems to be a scene developing here in Glasgow revolving around the concepts of electronica and Engine7 is leading the way, connecting at an intensely emotional level.

Angry Ape


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