Friday, June 15, 2007

Herb News


The release date for the new Rubens 7” vinyl single is the 6th of August 2007.


A Side – Puggies
B Side – Vertical Hold

The Rubens single is being distributed by Amato Distribution and will be closely followed by the 12” vinyl “Breaking Into Smile” Remix EP featuring some fantastic remixes from some legendary figures.

The Black Dog (Warp, Dust Science, Soma)
Dextro (Gronland, Border Community, 16k)
Kirk Degiorgio (Versatile, Ubiquity, New Religion)

Rubens – Carnivalesque Herb001CD is due for release in September 2007.

The first run of limited edition “Carnivalesque” CDs which feature different cover and disc face designs, are now available from the Herb site at the reduced rate of £7.99. You will need to hurry though as there are not many of these left.

Other News

Herb Digital have now opened a Myspace page, Herb Digital Myspace. The new page will be solely focusing on many of our quality digital releases that are distributed through INgrooves. Through Herb Digital, we will continue our policy of breaking new artists.

Our latest release through Herb Digital, is the ambient techno EP “Soundescapes” by Dublin’s legendary DJ “Mick Chillage. This will be closely followed by Minuit De Lacroix’s “Sustainable Landscape Modeling Within The Dream Realm” and Mosca’s excellent “Concourse Mass”.

2 New Videos From solipsism

Organicism – from the forthcoming EP “At The Beach”

At The Beach – from the forthcoming EP “At The Beach”

Forthcoming Gigs

23rd June 2007 - Zerova Live At The Seefa Film Festival Berlin 8pm
29th June 2007 - Skytree Live At Planet Supply, St. Croix Falls Wisconsin 9.00pm
30th June 2007 - Skytree Live At Outdoor Amphitheater, St. Croix Falls Wisconsin 3.45pm
6th July 2007 - cheju Live At Antiworld Festival London 12pm
28th July 2007 - Engine7 Live In Merchant City Glasgow 10pm
28th August 2007 - Zerova Live In Riga 8pm
15th September 2007 - Skytree (DJ Set) Franconia Sculpture Park Minnesota (Time TBA)

Enjoy The Herb!


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